Profesi TI di 2010

Berawal ketika aq menemukan artikel “Arah SDM TI: Dari Spesialis ke Versatilis” — tulisan Bp Romi tentang “Gartner Says Technical Aptitude No Longer Enough To Secure Future for IT Professionals” — yang menyebutkan :

Diramalkan bahwa pada tahun 2010 pasar kerja para spesialis Teknologi Informasi (TI) akan berkurang hingga 40%. Para spesialis (specialist) ini akan digantikan oleh versatilis (versatilist), yang mampu mengkombinasikan kompetensi dan keahlian teknis, dengan pengalaman bisnis dan kemampuan memberikan solusi komprehensif.

Kemudian aq googling dan menemukan “Hot Skills, Cold Skills :
The IT worker of 2010 won’t be a technology guru but rather a ‘versatilist.’
“. Yang mana menyebutkan bahwa :

  • The most sought-after corporate IT workers in 2010 may be those with no deep-seated technical skills at all.
  • IT departments will be populated with “versatilists” — those with a technology background who also know the business sector inside and out, can architect and carry out IT plans that will add business value, and can cultivate relationships both inside and outside the company.
  • the skills required to land these future technical roles will be honed outside of IT. Some of these skills will come from artistic talents, math excellence or even a knack for public speaking — producing a combination of skills not commonly seen in the IT realm.

Dari artikel ComputerWorld tersebut juga disebutkan tentang Hot Skills dan Cold Skills, yaitu sbb :

  • Business Domain
    Hot Skills : Enterprise architecture, Project leadership, Business process re-engineering, Project planning, budgeting and scheduling, Third-party provider managers
  • Technology Infrastructure and Services
    Hot : Systems analysis, Systems design, Network design, Systems auditing
    Cold : Programming, Routine coding, Systems testing, Support and help desk, Operations — server hosting, telecommunications, operating systems
    According to Gartner, the skills that will have the steepest decline in 2010 will be programming and operations work. Those roles will go overseas or more likely be automated.
  • Security
    Hot : IT security planning and management
    Cold : Continuity and recovery
  • Storage
    Hot : Storage administrator
  • Application Development
    Hot : Customer-facing application development
    Cold : Legacy skills
  • Internet
    Hot : Customer-facing Web application systems, Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Data warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
    Hot : Business intelligence, Data warehousing, Data mining

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