Download Batman Animations

There are some link to download Batman DC Animation:


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  1. I am glad to see someone who enjoys batman cartoons as much as I do. I have been looking everywhere for the animated series. Any ideas where I can find it on disc? I was watching some of the videos you have posted. said that “On Leather Wings” expired due to inactivity, is there a way you can upload it again or link me to another place I can find it?

  2. #1 hi Chris, i am glad either. I got them from google :), but if i have the newer one i will update. c.u

  3. yOGA, I have been trying a google search for the file, it usually directs me back to Megaupload. However, on a random return I got to The video was split into two files ending in .avi.001 and .avi.002 Neither will play in that extension or the .avi extension. I donwloaded and installed k-lite to no avail. Any suggestions? Or knowledge of some other place I could find that file?

  4. @ Chris

    the extensions are used by HJSplit, a freeware program filesplitting/joining. It will give you a rarfile (usually) to extract afterwards. Find it here: _

  5. Great to get Batman beyond!
    They use to telecast it when I was a kid.
    Feels awesome to finally have the videos and watch over and over again.

    Feels as young as a child.

    Thanks a million times!!

  6. Hi
    This is a good post. Thank you very much. There is a broken link – Volume Three- Bonus Features- Read My Lips Audio Commentary. Could you please update it.
    Thanks again.

  7. Also Batman volume 1 DVD Extras- On Leather Wings Audio Commentary; Heart of Ice Audio Commentary, Batman Vol 2 Robin’s Reckoning Pt 1 Audio Commentary, bonus links are broken. Please please update them.

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