Service Modeling Language (SML)

When I browsing the internet, involuntaryly I find “Service Modeling Language (SML)”. For me, this is a new termm. So I ask to uncle Google, and find some articles……

  • The Service Modeling Language (SML) provides a rich set of constructs for creating models of complex IT services or systems and typically include information about configuration, deployment, monitoring, policy, health, capacity planning, target operating range, service level agreements, and so on.
  • SML has two unique properties that make it well-suited for modeling IT resources and services: support for rich constraints and alignment with XML message exchange architectures.
  • On July 2006 announced that BEA, BMC, Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Sun have published a draft of a new specification that defines a consistent way to express how computer networks, applications, servers and other IT resources are described — or modeled – in extensible markup language (XML) so businesses can more easily manage the services which are built on these resources. We can download that spescification from or microsoft. The authors plan to submit SML to a yet-to-be-chosen standards body by the end of 2006
  • The primary goal of SML is to increase the level of automation in IT systems management.

SML improves management automation




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