Fasco-cs: Blue Chamber

Here are the step for escaping from blue chamber (left->right-hand, top->down):

Fasco-cs : Blue Chamber

  • Find the pen in the drawer.
  • Find the paper under the chair cusion
  • Click the paper and then click the pen : until appear note “help me” on the paper
  • Click the tube with the red button next to it and get the yellow capsule
  • Click the tube and click the note “help me” and get the note in the capsule, then press the red button. It will return a note with a symbol. It mean : H – 4; E – 3; L – 5; P – 7; Skull – *; M – 6; E – 3
  • So dial on the phone : 4357*63 until a dude should say “OK”
  • Click the upper right hand corner of the picture then click the upper left finally the bottom of the picture then it will fall off
  • Take the yen and click the pen until glasses appear on the picture
  • Send it up the tube and it will come back with a key
  • Click the key and click the door until it opens.

How about you …….


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