Blog ini akan discontinued

Blog ini sudah lama saya non aktifkan, maka dengan postingan ini saya buat statement jika saya sudah tidak membuat postingan baru disini sampai dengan waktu yang tidak bisa saya tetapkan. Terima kasih atas kunjungannya. Mungkin kita akan bertemu di blog yang lain ^_^


2 Responses

  1. Artikel yang menarik….
    Jika berkenan mampirlah ke blog aku juga yah…. klik disini jangan lupa komentarnya di bawah posting 🙂 Trims.

  2. I had a similar situation… I went to Miami and had to do a conexion in Philadelphia.. I had to stay there for 5 hours waiting and waiting… then … 5 hours have gone… and I felt happy.. finally I could do the last 3 hours of my trip ( 8 hours had gone already) but… my plane was delayed one hour… no… 2 …. ok… I could get in… the pilot tells us that there is traffic in the airport (I didnt even know that that was posible) one more hour… 2… 3… the pilot talks again.. this time we have to be on the ground because of the storm… … 3 hours later we were flying… a trip that should last 11 hours took almost the double… I arrived at the hotel… first thing I did was to sleep… To exhausting to go anywhere. Lucky for me… only one day had gone, 6 more to come… I mean… 5… cause I have to count with the one of the returning. Ufff… well… but it was worth it… I had a great time and Miami is great. Philadelphia??? No idea… I thought I didnt have time to visit. Click

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